Live a Life where the Word of God is Alive

Living Word. Living Life.

To live a Life where the Word of God is Alive, we need consistency, reflection and action.
To live a Christian life where the Bible is alive, we need Consistency. Reflection. Action.
Clueless Journal Mei

Hi, I’m Mei.

I used to be a Christian who was clueless about what it meant to walk with God, hear God or called by God. And I am not lazy – ever since I became a Christian in 2003, I have been checking off all the boxes of what a Christian does.

Read bible? ✔ Do devotion? ✔ Bible study group? ✔ Church? ✔ Yet, I was clueless.

Now, I’m a Christian who is hearing from God and super-pumped to share with you how I’ve gone from clueless for 15 years to convicted enough to stop work for a year to build this for you. You can live authentically as a Christian, experiencing the bible coming alive on a daily basis. Imagine how your life will change when the bible truly becomes a living Word, wanna start?


Journey of 1,189 days with A Bible Chapter A Day, cover to cover

My New Bible Journal Workbook has just been brewed! ☕

Grab your coffee and join me on a journey of 1,189 days. Since starting on 1 July 2021, we are now at the book of Psalm. Get your free 7-Day Psalm pdf editable workbook by joining my mailing list. If you enjoy it & want more workbooks, check out my bible journal store.

Psalm Bible Journal Workbook


Daily Bible Verse & Journal Prompts in your Social Media

I know how hard it is to be consistent in bible reading. Thus, my mission is to make it easy for you to read a bible chapter a day, by bringing you daily bible verse & journal prompts from each chapter to your social.

That’s a 1,189 days commitment between you and me. IG Stories & Pins drop at 8am GMT+8/ 8pm ET/ 12am GMT. Get connected at:

@thecluelessjournal on Instagram

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Journey of Faith is never meant to be taken alone

Facebook Group Ladies Christian Fellowship for a faith journey

As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

James 2:26 (NIV)

If you desire for the bible to be a living word, it has to be lived out. I know that it is not easy. Why not join the Ladies Christian Fellowship on Facebook Group to have other ladies journey with you the 1,189 days? Daily bible verse & journal prompts will also drop in the FB group and you never know how someone’s sharing will change your life.