Bible Devotional helps you to hear God’s voice & Journaling helps you to discover your own voice

The CluelessJournal© Bible Devotional shares Mei’s thoughts from the day’s bible & devotional readings. For many years, she has kept up the habit of reading devotional daily and since end 2018, daily bible reading with weekly verse memory. Many mornings, all these seem to come together and convey a message for the day. This CluelessJournal© Devotional is sharing all these with you, in the hope that we can be a little less clueless how the bible is useful for our daily life.

We are doing bible cover to cover, and for each bible devotion, there will be journal writing prompts. There is no greater joy to feel in your heart that God knows what you’re going through today. Whenever you’re ready, let us be a part of your faith journey.

Bible Devotional from Cover to Cover

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Joshua Devotionals

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