Pentateuch Bible Journal Workbooks Bundle


This Pentateuch Bible Journal Workbooks bundle gives you 5 workbooks that will cover 185 chapters, with over 450 pages of verses and prompts! It is your companion for half a year, with journal prompts that will inspire reflections and change in your life. You get more than 20% savings compared to purchasing each bible journal workbook separately. If you read a bible chapter a day, it works out to be just 11cents a day! You can use this by printing it out in US Letter size or directly editing within the pdf file. You will love the ability to type directly into the bible journal workbook, and even re-use it as you can save the original copy as a backup to use when you next read the first 5 chapters of the bible!

**This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical product will be sent.**

With this purchase, you will receive a bundle of 5 bible journal workbooks! You can see what’s included in each bible journal workbooks in the following links:


* Genesis Bible Journal Workbook – 122 pages
* Exodus Bible Journal Workbook – 99 pages
* Leviticus Bible Journal Workbook – 68 pages
* Numbers Bible Journal Workbook – 89 pages
* Deuteronomy Bible Journal Workbook – 85 pages

Why Buy as a Bundle?

* More than 20% savings compared to purchasing each workbook separately, 22.2% savings to be exact!
* 185 pages of Daily Verses with short devotion
* 185 pages of Journal Prompts with editable text box for your reflection (corresponding to each daily verse)
* If you read a bible chapter a day, $21 for 185 bible chapters work out to be just 11cents a day!

Why Sell as a Bundle?

* It is my mission to make it easy for you to be consistent in bible reading and this bundle will mean you have 6 months of bible reading (a chapter a day) with the reflections taken care of!

Features of all the workbooks

* Editable pages where you can type your reflection and weekly study goals & tasks directly into the pdf
* Available in Letter (8.5”x11”) size
* Instant Download – Print it out and start using it right away!
* Unlimited Printing – Use this year after year!

Please Note
* Due to the nature of Digital Products. All products all final sale. No exchange, return or refund can be offered. PLEASE inquire about the product before purchasing. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.
* This digital download is for personal use only. Please do not copy, share, distribute, or sell the files.
* Colors may slightly vary depending on different monitors.
* You need a PDF viewer to view and open these files. You can download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE right here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

How a digital download works:
1. Add this product to your cart.
2. After payment is completed, go to my account on the top menu. You will see left menu bar with the link “Downloads”. Your pdf workbooks are available under your downloads area.
3. Click on the pink box and you will access a folder link where all 5 workbooks can be downloaded from the folder.
4. After downloading, you may print or edit & save (do remember to save your edits) as many copies as you like for personal use.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions (cluelessjournal [at] outlook [dot] com)! This Pentateuch bundle keeps you consistent for half a year, with journal prompts that will inspire reflections and change in your life.


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