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Inspirational quote from Kaylen Emma on starting the day motivated

First impressions count. When I first saw the Instagram account of Kaylen, I was super impressed with the clean and professional grid design. The second thing I noticed was that the account belongs to a 8 year old who is making bracelets. The third thing I did was connect with Kaylen’s mom who run the Instagram account and asked how much effort it took to get her daughter to be interested in running a bracelet business. And I learnt that it is Kaylen who is doing all the work and running the business, while her parents help along.

Instagram account @Kaylenemma

I know how hard it is to inspire a child. I have tried starting a bracelet business with kiddo and it never took off. That was why I reached out to ask how Kaylen’s mom managed to get the business going so professionally (and they also sell at markers’ markets plus donate to the community). Then I learnt that it is Kaylen who is passionate about crafting and wanted to start her crafting business during the covid pandemic to give back to the community.

To me, that’s inspiring. And if you look at Kaylen’s responses on her day, it is no wonder that she is so driven.

Inspirational Crafter – Kaylen Emma

Even though Kaylen is making kids’ bracelets and lanyards, her business has got so many things right that I think we can all learn from her!

  • Clear branding – Love for colors, crafting and community.
  • Giving back to community – It is not just the meals that she donated from the sales proceeds but that the idea of giving back came from Kaylen’s kindergarten teacher who shared that certain occupations were to help the community. Kaylen then thought of owning a business as a way to give back to the community.
  • Design coherence – From the motivational quotes to the colors and the photography, everything is coherent and radiate positivity.
  • Professional e-commerce website – Check out her website and the mother’s day gift sets!

Kaylen’s Thoughts on Planning the Day

Let’s dive right into the Q&A:

How do you start your day great?

Kaylen: My favorite way to start my day is to do affirmations with my mom. We started doing them when I started Kindergarten to remind me of my school’s “character counts” expectations (I am respectful, I am responsible, I am trustworthy) but now that I am older, I choose to say different affirmations each day.

Some of my favorites are “I am kind. I try my best. I am a good friend”. We always end with “Today is going to be AWESOME!!” and it really helps me start the day motivated.

Photo credit: Instagram @kaylenemma

I started Kaylen Emma in December 2020… to provide a donation to our local food bank to help with the impact that Covid-19 had on our community. My parents help me set personal goals for sales and giving…

Kaylen’s sharing on Instagram

How do you plan your day to incorporate self-care or downtime?

Kaylen: I get to have some independent play time after my little brother (2 years old) goes to bed and on the weekends after my chores are complete. I like to spend that time reading (I am currently reading the Never Girls series), playing video games with my dad (Mario Kart/Party and Pokémon Let’s Go), drawing, and crafting just for fun.

What do you do to end the day feeling satisfied?

Kaylen: Before I go to bed, I have to review my school planner and wall calendar with my parents. We talk about everything I did that day and what I have coming up for the next day. I like doing this because we get to talk about all the things I completed and I feel proud.

Inspirational quote from Kaylen Emma on how she ends the day feeling satisfied

The Kaylen’s Inspired Planner

So here’s the FREE planner printable pdf download that I created, inspired by Kaylen. The focus is on daily affirmations and reviewing the work done for the day, useful for keeping us on-track for our goals! Download the planner in the shop for $0!

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  1. Thelisia Wilcher

    Wow! Kaylen is very inspiring. I love the affirmations. As a teacher, I’d love to see my students adapt such beautiful habits. Bravo!!🥰

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