Meet Victoria Dorei – Award Winning Filmmaker

Setting goals by Victoria Dorei - Inspirational Film maker who shares how she starts her day

I approached Victoria to share about her day because I noticed how frequently she showed up on Instagram and Youtube. She is so young, still studying in SAE Institute Dubai for her Bachelors in Film Production. Yet, I really get a sense of how hard she works at her film-making, photography and how passionate she is in sharing her behind-the-scenes. Below is a screen shot of her Youtube videos where Victoria shows up twice a week. And you can see just from the video descriptions how consistent she is!

Film making Victoria in her Youtube channel

One thing I realized from watching Victoria’s behind-the-scenes is that there is SO much work that goes into each scene, especially matching all the props and colors. Which is another reason why I’m so interested in find out how she plans her day. And all Type A personalities out there, Victoria is a self-professed Type A, so I think you would really enjoy her sharing.

Inspirational Filmmaker – Victoria Dorei

Before we get into her day, I just want to share how diverse and go-getting Victoria is. That is the sense that I get from her resume and I am encouraged and inspired to cover more breath and depth in our pursuits.

  • Studying film production and took outside course in business law – I recalled reading that’s what Rebel Wilson did. She really made sure that she knew how to draft her own contracts and want to look out for. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ”ฅ
  • Seizes every opportunity to be visible – You can see this from her contributing article to Adobe, to being a photographer for events and taking on creative production.
  • Shows up – I am so inspired by how she shows up in her videos. It is really making me think how I can show up in more than words, and on that note, do check out my first IGTV featuring Clueless’s Finding Life Purpose channel.

Victoria’s Thoughts on Planning the Day

Let’s dive right into the Q&A:

How do you start your day great?

Victoria: I would set 10 goals for the day, and really look forward to getting things done. Setting goals help me to be motivated and excited to get everything done.

How do you plan your day to incorporate self-care or downtime?

Victoria: Because my schedule is to hectic, I absolutely have to schedule in self-care to make sure that I really take the time for myself. So while I have an overall to-do list, I will have scheduled time to relax, such as resting, catching a favorite tv show or doing nails!

I’m a Type A personality, and I schedule my goals to get things done

Victoria Dorei

What do you do to end the day feeling satisfied?

Victoria: At the end of the day, if not everything is done, I tell myself there’s still tomorrow. The most important thing is progress, which means no matter how big or small the tasks I get done, I’m moving forward.

The most important thing is progress, no matter how big or small, it is moving forward. Quote by Victoria Dorei

The Victoria’s Inspired Planner

So here’s the FREE planner printable pdf download that I created, inspired by Victoria. The focus is on setting goals, and scheduling self-care in the goal list! Download the planner in the shop for $0!

14 thoughts on “Meet Victoria Dorei – Award Winning Filmmaker”

  1. Intisar Alghanim

    A young hard worker,, creative and talented,,,, bright future is waiting for her , Keep shining .

  2. Cyrus Izibili

    Awesome! This is motivating and inspires me in my walk of life. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I know Victoria,S mother for a long time. She is a hard working and kindness women.Victoria like as her mother. Her study and profession flim making is mirror of our daily life. I hope a successful carrier for her.I pray for her and family. God bless her.

    1. To be a filmmaker, you have to lead. The level of passion and effort that you put into your work , clearly reflects how good your work is. You are an amazing young woman who takes initiative for your own learning and discipline as well as going that extra mile. With your passion, comes your love for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. You clearly take every exercise as an opportunity to create your next masterpiece and be visionary. Congratulations Victoria

    2. Thelisia Wilcher

      Thanks for your kind words Rony!! God Bless you and your family as well.

  4. Victoria is so talented and found an effective way to organize herself early in life, so thereโ€™s no stopping her from here on!! I love her interest in other people and the way she celebrates the talents of those around her. Congratulations Victoria!

  5. Thelisia Wilcher

    Victoria has always been hardworking. Her efforts really began to move her forward when she developed a system that included self-care. Itโ€™s important to prioritize rest, exercise, meals, and even fun. This relieves anxiety, clears headspace and improves focus. Victoria is great at this. She doing amazing!!!

  6. That’s my Granddaughter I am so proud of her and the enthusiasm that she face each day with, and smiling through it all๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน

    1. Wow! Yes, agree 100%. Her Instagram feed really caught my attention cos of the way that she’s showing up.
      I’m waving hi from Singapore ๐Ÿ™‚ You can download the planner inspired by your granddaughter and hit some of those goals for the day too! I can’t believe that she sets 10 goals, amazing!

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